6 milestones for awareness

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Hereunder the six key elements that form the milestones in an alert attitude in terms of the interaction of children with Internet and social networks.

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1. The access to information that may be inappropriate and potentially harmful, such as:
  • Pornography, images or videos sexually inappropriate or vexatious (sexual image distortion, gender violence, sexual stereotypes diffusion, ...)
  • Incitement to hatred, intolerance or fanaticism (sects, xenophobia, militarism, ...)
  • Contents "gore" or violent (eg, video of accidents, assaults, ...)
  • The hoaxes, misinformation or rumors (Promotion of anorexia, the scientific denial ...)

2. "Doing things", for example
  • Buy fake or dangerous products
  • Join inappropriate groups for the age
  • Install games or applications that involve the installation on the computers of spyware or adware.
  • Share files online, download music or video using P2P programs. Even though, in many places it is not illegal, it causes damage to the creators and it could be a gateway spyware or adware.

3. Cyber bullying. Often cyber bullies are other children who treat in a rude way or insult or threat or send offensive files by email to other children.
This cyber bullying could be the continuation of a physical harassment at school or on the street.

4. Give data or information about them or their relatives. The consequences of this act is the commercial harassment, violation of privacy, become potential targets of cyber predators or be subject to spoofing. We should pay attention:
  • When we built social networking profiles
  • With what they put on their own social / web sites
  • When filling out forms
  • By participating in contests (true or false)

5. Be subject of scams or frauds, revealing financial data from parents (eg, bank account numbers or credit card) or committing illegal activities who jeopardize their elders.

6. Make contact with profiles that hide cyber predators and make face-to-face contact or virtual that expose them to sexual exploitation or violence.
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