Children’s activities online

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Children’s activities online in the past month
Notably, although access and to a lesser degree amount of use does vary by children’s age and household SES, previous research suggests children’s online activities depend less on SES and more on age and gender.
  • Use of the internet for school work is the top online activity of the common things that children do online (85%), confirming the importance of incorporating the internet into educational contexts.
  • Playing games (e.g. 83% playing against the computer), receiving content produced by others (e.g. watching video clips, 76%), and communicating (e.g. social networking and instant messaging, 62%) are the next most popular online activities.
  • This contrasts with the various ways of creating user-generated content. Posting images (39%) or messages (31%) for others to share, using a webcam (31%), file-sharing sites (18%), spending time in a virtual world (16%) or writing a blog (11%) are all less common. This is perhaps surprisingly given popular attention to the supposed rise of a more ‘participatory culture’.

Risks and safety on the internet: the perspective of European children: full findings and policy implications from the EU Kids Online survey of 9-16 year olds and their parents in 25 countries ::
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