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In this section we will reflect upon the way that information might be presented in a more interesting fashion by using collaborative social media tools.


As we are aware the Internet is the most influential interactive communication channel of all time, allowing citizens of the world to become interconnected. The Internet is a network of networks, it is like a collective brain, such as a cognitive neural system of our planet. In technical terms this allows us to meet many learning objectives.

  1. Fostering communication. Providing a set visual, audio-visual or auditory materials that predisposes better communication between teachers and students.
  2. Enhancing cooperation in the production of audiovisual materials in education. For example can share the presentation that is being developed. Shared and corrected and enriched by several people, so that the result is cooperative and team based.
  3. Promoting the development of a sense of community, so that when working in the same direction, cooperating towards achieving the same goals, bonds of friendship are strengthened and make us feel connected to others forming a community.


Teachers will often learn to do a presentation using Power Point, which will be both much more motivational than a mere explanation or use a book to explain a topic to students, while also quite basic in its delivery. Videos are also often used a presentation technique. They offer an audio-visual presentation that appeals to a range of senses. These are tried and tested approaches, however, what we must learn is how to interact with students using these presentation techniques.

After having performed the PowerPoint presentation or Prezi or in any other format: PDF, text document or video … the file might uploaded to a social network platform, such as,,,,, ...and once published on those platforms, can be inserted in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, in to blogs, websites offering direct access to content that we want the user to see, avoiding losses and reducing the number of clicks. An aim of this article is to learn how to create presentations with Prezi, but furthermore, how to engage learners within the creation process.

The first thing we will do is to enter into this website: , after logging in it, and once we have written our user name, personal name and password, we can enter and choose the basic or paid form of working with the program. If we choose the basic form, different templates will appear, and we will choose one of them according with the message we want to transmit.

The most important points to learn with Prezi are:

  1. Knowing
  2. Moving presentation to better explain to students
  3. It is very attractive for students.
  4. You can create simple or complicated presentation.
  5. You can share it in Facebook.
  6. Technical presentation are the innovation and the future for schools.
  7. More interaction and greater cooperation.

templates of prezi
A exemple in prezi

Other tool online to do surveys is We will know how use this tool.

A exemple of survey

There are many programs for slide shows, but for building presentation follow the same guidelines.

How do we build a good presentation for our students?

  1. Short text. Clarity, simplicity and strength.
  2. Insert images and movies. First target, to capture and to keep students' attention.
  3. Don't overload our slides. Slides overloaded with information are less appealing.
  4. Use the rule of three. Three points for every slide, three messages for every presentation.
  5. Organize structure around a theme. Make frequent allusions to the subject so that students don't forget and they can remember it.

Analyze result

You can put technical presentations before, during and after the explanations or teacher intervention.

Whether before your explanations, the aim is motivational. If during your explanation, the aim is informative and the last, whether you can put presentation techniques at the end, then the objective of the audio-visual presentation is to support teacher's explanation. When we use a presentation, we have to take care of the following items.


Our students can create presentations themselves. They always are interesting and of course their works are very important for us and their own confidence developemt.

Five steps to use prezi in the class:

  1. Introduce a topic with these presentation tools.
  2. Invite students to explore and work with a page.
  3. Suggest topics and explain how they can present this.
  4. Many students have a good feeling with technology so allow them some freedom in creating their own attractive presentation.
  5. Students are interested in many things relating to technological innovation, so they often work harder when given a task such as this.

Some examples of surveys:

To create spectacular presentation, movies or slideshow

Create spectacular presentations


Another interesting website where you can make your presentation and synchronize with a movie is Download Smartdraw and make a presentation about a topic of your specialty.

Web of Communication Visuelle

Other programmes interesting for presentation are:

But we only you can make with photos and pictures.

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