Recording streaming audio

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By this we mean that we are going to try and capture sound that is being played on your computer. As might be expected, the settings for these recordings are often a bit more complicated. Many manufacturers of soundcards and pc/laptops don’t really like the fact that you can capture everything because of copyright issues. Machines with Windows 7 will probably only show the microphone in the Device Toolbar by default. To be able to record streaming audio on your computer you need a Stereo Mix option (or Wave out, or What U Hear, …) in your input channel:

Stereo Mix.png

The trouble often is that the Stereo Mix won't be visible in the dropdown list of your input channel. In Windows you can usually solve this by adjusting the settings of your Recording Devices via your Control Panel or via the speaker icon in the System Tray. See this page for more info. Mac users having trouble to activate the Stereo Mix can start here. If everything fails, you might have to update the drivers of your sound card. Talk to your favorite techie to help you.

The good news is that if your Stereo Mix is enabled, you can record any audio that is being played on your computer without hassle. First you start the recording in Audacity (with Stereo Mix in the input channel)and then you’ll start the audio clip you want to record. In a new audio track the waveforms of your recording will appear. Pay attention to the recording level, adjust the volume if necessary.

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