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Spreaker has a lot in common with SoundCloud and Audioboo because it is a way to record, publish and share audio clips with listeners and/or followers. But it deserves a separate heading because it’s actually a console to make internet radio. Of course you can upload an audio file that you recorded in advance, but the real fun starts when you decide to make a podcast in the console and, if you’re feeling bold, you can also decide to go live with your own radio show.

Spreaker also requires a registration and a few moments to fill in your profile settings. Your ‘free Speech’ account is worth 10 hours and each episode is limited to 30 minutes. We’re of course mainly interested in the broadcasting button that gives us the option to Upload or to start working on our radio show.

If you choose Broadcast Spreaker will ask you to give a title to your show. Click next and allow the system to access your microphone. This will bring you to Spreaker’s recording console where you can talk and mix like a full-blown deejay.

Deejay console.PNG

It’s a bit odd, but the buttons that are quite important for your recording, are rather small. Because we’re beginners I suggest we opt for Record a new podcast instead of Broadcast LIVE! In the top left hand corner. Then we can upload a few audio clips that we want to use in our podcast/show. These clips can be music, interviews, quotes, … Click add on the playlist window on the right.

All the recordings you upload will be visible in the list. If you click on an artist and then select one of his/her albums all the songs in that album appear. You can listen to the songs and if you like them add them to your playlist. Make sure you have the songs and audio clips ready in your playlist before you start your recording. In the Sound FX window under the playlist you can add various effects in exactly the same way. These effect can give a real professional touch to your recording.

Music library.PNG

If everything is ready, close the window that you used to add the music and/or effects. Just click the small icon top right and your back in the console. Drag the audio clips from your playlist to the decks in the console. Click the record button, start with a jingle or an effect and bid welcome to your listeners. Switch between the decks and your microphone to make an engaging recording. If you’re making a longer episode (+15 min) it’s quite possible that you’ll have to allow a commercial break (nothing is ever really free). In the Commercial Break window you’ll see a timer that warns you how much time you have left before the break.

If your podcast/radio show is ready, it’s time to share. Of course people can find it on the Spreaker website, but you can also add a player to Facebook or copy the embed code and past it in a blog or website. You can also send an e-mail with a link and invite people to listen to the show.

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