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What you will learn

(This will provide an overview. Please explain exactly what teachers will be able to do by the end of the item.)

Getting started

(This is the central chapter of each unit. Please describe what your topic is, and how to set it up and use it. For theoretical articles, please elaborate the topic by giving an overview or introducing basic concepts, different theoretical perspectives and their relevance to teaching.)

How to use it in a classroom

(This is the practical chapter to each unit. Please provide some concrete ideas, examples and illustrations of how you could use this with students together with any tips and hints you have found useful. Please give at least one or two practical examples. And please tell us at which class level (or age level of students) you applied your examples to.)

Further activities for teachers

(This is fur further activities of the reader. Please provide an example of an activity that teachers could do to extend or consolidate their learning. This could be an idea to stimulate self reflection, a way of finding out more about the subject etc.)


(Collection of useful resources (websites, videos, books etc.))

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