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A good article! :-)

1.) The "What you will learn" section

I like the "what you will learn" section. That's inspiration!

Pehaps you could explain what "Affective Filter" is - for example by linking to further reading. Is this what you mean? Its good to link the foreign language teaching to the motivating effects of social media. But there are other perspectives that are worth viewing: Does teaching foreign language change by using social media? Do social media change foreign language usage in youth culture? Which foreign laguage do student need to understand social media?

Maybe its worth exploring some of these questions, too.

I like your bullets points in the "what you will learn" section. I have provided a numbered list (1., 2., 3.) further down. Please have a look: Is that correct?

2.) Getting started

I like the very short way you pave for the topic to be introduced: change from industrial to information age... Thats a good start and it links to my articles: "What are social media?" and "how do social media change labour and education?" Maybe you could read them, perhaps correct them and link your article to them?

The "getting started" section could be longer. Could you elabourate how the use of foreign langue is changed by social media?

3.) How to use it in a classroom"

The "how to use it in a classroom" section could provide more examples. Maybe you can simply take them from the next section ("Further activities"), as what you describe there could be done in classroom teaching, too. Perhaps you could have a look on my article on "What are social media?" to get some inspiration.

Could you explain "Turnabout", please?

I have provided links to some further platforms for you. Please check them if I got it right.

I have formatted some captions in bold and have formatted a bullet point list. Please check them if I got it right.

I like the videos. Thats really colorful and inspirating. Maybe you could underline what they have to do with social media: Obviously the students produced and published the video via youtube. So you could describe how you facilitatedt that lesson: What did you ask the students to do? Which experiences did they make when recording a video (in foreign language) for youtube? In how far did they improve their English? That would be interesting for the reader, I think.

4.) further activities

most of these examples I would move to the "how to use it in a classroom" section. And try to explain them a little bit more. Please keep in mind that our readers are not experienced in social media at all. They need very simple and basic instructions.

5.) Resources

Could you add one or sentences to each example? To explain why you have selected tehse links and what are the pros and cons of that platforms? This would make it easier for the reader to follow them.

You are on a very good way, its fun and interesting to read that article! :-)

--Bpelka (talk) 12:30, 26 June 2013 (CEST)

Hi Dana and Pavel, I have re-read your article on „foreign language“. I want to congratulate you for thisnice piece of work.

I haveprovided some links to other articles but don’t have any other suggestions orcomments. The article is just the way I desire it J

Lets seewhat the others say ;-)

--Bpelka (talk) 11:24, 25 September 2013 (CEST)

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