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Welcome to the Learn 2 Teach by Social Web Curriculum Wiki!
This is a collection of inspiring resources that a group of international teachers has assembled to show you how they use social media in their classroom teaching. Many of these teacher have never used social media before they were asked to contribute to this wiki. So you will find lesson examples and opinions from active teachers from various countries with different backgrounds in subjects, ICT level and opinion on social media. Our aim is to provide you with a firt inspiration - guided by the question "why do social media matter for classroom teaching?".

Through the links presented below you will find a range of articles that discuss why and how social media might be incorporated within the teaching and learning environment. Each section offers different approaches and ideas to engaging learners. You will not find many technical explainations - we will try to focus on pedagogical arguments and link you to other resources for the technological issues.

Each article is created in five sections, all with the same headings and themes in order to make your journey through the wiki as comfortable as possible. The first four sections are What?, Why?, How?, Try?

What? offers a brief overview of the articles content.
Why? discusses why each issue might be important to your learners' development, or perhaps the science behind some of the ideas.
How? suggests ways that social media has been introduced to each topic area, often with real life examples given.
Try? offers a selection of additional ideas, often at a basic level, for teachers to employ in developing their use of social media skills.

The final section is Resources which offers, would you believe it, further resources that may help your development.

We hope that you enjoy reading, and more importantly that you find the contents useful.


  1. What are social media?
  2. How Social Media are Changing the Worlds of Work, Education and Leisure
  3. Good IT Manners
    1. Plagiarism
  4. Security/safety when online
  5. How social media change school culture
  6. How social media change teaching methods
    1. Constructivism inspired teaching
    2. Working in groups
    3. Classroom management
  7. Teaching Skills
    1. Improving your students' reading skills
    2. Improving your students' writing skills
    3. Correcting written work electronically
    4. Using mind maps to enhance social media
    5. How to present material more interestingly via social media
    6. How social media can help you to write reports
    7. How to find information quickly via social media


  1. Beginners’programmes/Office software
    1. Spreadsheet
    2. Wordprocessing
    3. Presentation Software
  2. Social software
    1. communities(e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In,Flickr, etc.)
    2. Wikis
    3. Blogging software/platforms
  3. Video sharing/editing software
  4. Audio sharing/editing software
  5. Skype,VOIP
  6. Cloud applications


  1. Mobile phones (GPS: geo location technology; augmented reality)
  2. iPads and other tablets/touchpads

School Subjects

  1. Maths
  2. Foreign language
  3. Arts
  4. Students exchange and interchange
  5. Physics ( a foreign language)

Further information on the L2T project can be found at

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